A Buyer of Structured Settlement Payments Can Buy Structured Settlements and Lottery Payments

As a buyer of structured settlement payments we would be happy to purchase your future state lottery winnings in exchange for a large sum of cash now. While most of our website - and many sites out there - focus on purchasing structured settlement payments that result from personal injury court cases, a few of you are lucky enough to have hit it big in the lottery. We recognize that your enthusiasm for that big win may have been diminished a bit when you learned that you would be stuck with small payments over a twenty year period (or longer) instead of getting a huge sum of money now. We can help buy purchasing your future payments in exchange for cash in your pocket now.

Can You Sell Lottery Payments?

If you are wondering if you can sell lottery payments the answer is a loud and clear, "Yes!" When you won the lottery you may have won a million dollars (just as an example), payable as $50,000 a year for ten years. This money is obviously nice to have - that's a lot of money, right? But, for most families that is not enough to quit work, buy a new house with cash, or fund all of your life goals. You may find that your family is better served by having a large sum of money in your hands right now. Legally, companies such as Direct Settlement are perfectly able to purchase your long term payments in exchange for a large sum of money now.

Why Would You Want to Sell Lottery Payments?

There could be many reasons that you want to sell your payments. First of all, you may need the money right now to do very important things. For example, you may have medical bills or a family member who needs medical care; we all know that medical bills can be much more than an annual lottery payment. Or, perhaps your house is in foreclosure and you need more than a year's lottery payments to save it. You may have multiple children entering college, or a huge extended family to support. There are a great many reasons that you may want to turn your lottery payments into a single, large sum of money.

Can I Actually Net More Money in the Long Run if I Cash Out Now?

Another reason to sell your lottery payments for a lump sum is because you could actually make more money in the long term if you take control of your money now. Think about it - where is the money you won now? Well, the state government has it, of course. They are now investing that money which you won, and earning interest and dividends. Then, they send you your payment and keep the excess that is earned. It is highly likely that you or an experienced financial advisor can invest that money in a way that earns much more interest than the places the government is investing in. In short, you could make your money work harder and actually grow - particularly at a time where the stock market is down so far that buying into the stock market is being encouraged by every major financial advisor in the country. To buy stocks when they are so low could create a HUGE surplus in the long run, above what the government would have paid you.

Where Do We Go Next?

Contact Direct Settlement today. We will provide you a full quote for how much we can provide you, as a lump sum, in exchange for your lottery payments. You will then be free to use your money as you see appropriate, putting you in control of your financial future.

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