Is the Negative Press on Buyer of Structured Settlements Accurate?

You have been looking for a buyer of structured settlements because you are probably thinking about selling your structured settlement in exchange for a lump sum cash out. However, you may have read some negative information about selling these settlements and are wondering if these stories are really true. Well, certainly there are positives and negatives to selling your settlement; there are positives and negatives to everything in life. For some people, selling a structured settlement makes definite sense. For others it is a bad idea. In this article we will answer some of these concerns and give you some factual information. We will also provide some information for people who are considering investing with a buyer of settlements, who have similar questions about myths in the field. Let's look at a few concerns and clarifications that you may have.

Negative Untruth #1: It is Never Smart to Sell a Structured Settlement

In this world it is hard to ever say an absolute with total truth. This means, simply, that every situation is different and one cannot ever say "never" accurately. Obviously, we believe that receiving an annuity payment makes good financial sense in the long term. If we did not think this then we would not want to buy these payments from you. However, we are in a certain position to have some cash now and be willing to invest that for a future gain. Other people are in different positions.

In your life you may have a need for money now. This need may outweigh the potential benefits of a long term future payment. You may need to save your house from foreclosure. You may need medical care. You may have a child to send to college. You may want to open a business. You may simply desire to live a better life with vacations and a nice car now while you are young and relatively healthy. In short, you may have perfectly valid reasons that you prefer your money now. It is a personal decision and having this money now would be what is best for you. So, it most certainly can be smart to sell a structured settlement.

Negative Untruth #2: Any Company that is a Buyer of Structured Settlements is Out to Cheat You

There are certain services that people need to have offered. We need to have our trash picked up. We need to have somewhere to buy groceries. We need to have banks to store our money and help us pay bills. And some people have a real, immediate need to turn their long term structured settlement payments into cash today. Now, the garbage pick-up man gets paid. The grocer gets paid. Your banker gets paid. Even doctors, who most people believe choose to become doctors because they want to help people, get paid. Just because a structured settlements buyer makes money does not mean that they do not also care about the people they serve. A good buyer of structured settlement payments will listen to your situation, offer advice and a quote, and help you make the right choice for your situation.

Negative Untruth #3: It is Unwise to Invest with a Structured Settlement Company

Some people are on the exact opposite side of the table as those who want to sell their structured settlements. These people have money now and want to invest it for the future. Thus, they are considering becoming investors in a company that is a buyer of structured settlements. Some people (and websites) will claim outrageously high rates of return on such investments, giving the field a bad name. Investing with a buyer of structured settlements can be a good investment, but as with any investment it is important to learn the facts of your particular situation. Do your research. Pick a good company to work with.

If You Need More Information

If you want more information about selling your structured settlement contact us today. As a buyer of structured settlements we can answer your questions, provide you with a quote and make the process more understandable. We can also answer questions for those looking to invest with a buyer of structured settlement.

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