7 Reasons Why Cash for Settlement Payment May Be the Right Choice for You

You are reading this article because you are considering whether you should get cash for settlement payments that you are receiving. You have probably read a lot of articles about why you should do this. And you have probably read a lot of articles about why you should not do this. But what it really comes down to is you. If you really want to know what the most financially sound decision is, read our article, "Get Cash for Your Structured Settlement Now When Your Money is Most Valuable." But also recognize that this decision is a personal one. It is about your needs right now. Let's look at a few perfectly valid reasons why cash for settlement payment plans may sound like the best decision that you can make for your family:

1. Your Credit Card Debt has Gotten Out of Control. Unsecured credit card debt is a dangerous thing to carry through life. It is usually extremely costly in high interest rates. And, it can destroy your credit score, which can cost you again in interest rates for things like car loans and mortgages. You can get cash for settlement payment plans and pay off your high interest cards now. But a warning, do not do this if you have not changed your spending practices. There is no reason to pay off this debt if you will just charge them right back up.

2. You Have Medical Bills. While your structured settlement probably originally paid all your bills to date, your health changes. It is very possible that you have incurred more bills, beyond that which your payments can pay off. Getting cash for settlement payment plans can help you get these bills all taken care of, making your life less stressful.

3. You or Your Spouse Lost Their Job. In the United States the current unemployment rate is 9%. That means that one out of ten people does not have a job that they need to support their family. Few of us have been able to build an emergency cash fund sufficient to live on when someone loses their job. It is understandable that a job loss would have you wanting to get cash for settlement payment plans.

4. You Want to Start, or Expand, a Business. Business ownership has always been an important part of the American Dream. While monthly or annual annuity payments may not be enough to help you start or expand a business, a lump sum might be. Thus, you can get cash for settlement payment plans today and pay for all that you need to make your business grow and thrive.

5. You Need to Save Your House or Buy a New One. Saving a home from foreclosure may be the best reason to get cash for structured settlements . With a lump sum you can pay your mortgage up to date, including all the fees you may have had added to your principle. Depending on the amount of your structured settlement you may have enough money to pay your mortgage off in full. Or, you can take advantage of today's low real estate prices by purchasing your first home or a vacation home.

6. You Need to Make Repairs to Your Home or Car. Repairs to a home or car can get extremely expensive. While your annuity payment may be enough to cover these repairs, it also may not be enough. New windows can cost $20,000. A new water system can run over $10,000. A new roof up to $20,000 again. The list goes on. Cash for settlement payment plans can be an effective way to pay for such repairs and upgrades.

7. You Have Found an Investment that Makes Sense for You. Another reason you may want cash for your settlement payments is if you want to invest the money your way. You may have found an investment that you know will pay off better than your annuity is paying. Call us today and we can give you a quote on how much your payments are worth, so you can spend your money your way now.

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