The Following is an Example of a Free Quote Structured Settlement Purchase

You are considering a free quote on your structured settlement. Yes, you have been surfing around the web, learning what you can about the basics of structured settlements. But you have not really seen any numbers yet. You want to know how much you would get, what fees you would expect to pay and more. Of course, every case is different. Your free quote structured settlement buy-out will be much different than the next person's.

This is because there are many variables. We need to look at your specific annuity, the rate of growth, your recent payments, how many payments you already received, how many payments you have left and so much more. It is complicated business, but don't worry - we will take care of most of this for you.

If you are thinking about selling your settlement go to the contact us page and get a free quote structured settlement immediately; this will be the best way for us to give you an accurate idea of how much money you can receive. However, we know that you want some round answer - at least an idea of how much you could get.

So, let's take a look at an example, and some reasons why the numbers are what they are.

Turn $5,000 a Year into $50,000 Now

Let's say that you are receiving $5,000 a year for twenty years in a row. But something has come up and you really need a lot of money now. You can sell your annuity payment. You will have to fill out a free quote structured settlement plan, get some paper work to fill out - in some cases a lot of paperwork - and it will take a few weeks. But in less than two months you can have $50,000. In short, the $100,000 owed to you became $50,000. That doesn't sound like a very good deal at a glance, but think about it - there are some reasons why this could be the right choice.

The Time Value of Money

Let's say that today a loaf of bread costs about $2.00. In 10 years that loaf would cost about $2.60. This is due to inflation. As time goes on prices go up. That means that money is worth less. Today $2.00 can buy a loaf of bread, but in 10 years you will need $2.60 to do that. Houses are another good example. In 2000 a 3 bedroom house in Tampa, Florida cost $165,000. In 2008 that same house cost $285,000. Of course, your paycheck does not go up at these high rates. And likely your annuity will not either. So, money today is worth more than money tomorrow will be.

Certainly putting your money into a mattress would be a poor savings choice, as it would lose value over the years. But some investments, like houses or paying off credit cards, may be very worthwhile. In the above scenario, the company that is buying your settlement may seem like they are not paying you much, but it will take them 10 years to even get their initial investment back. You will have spent those 10 years enjoying the money they gave you and not worrying about small payments coming to you.

Is it Worth It?

This is a difficult question to answer. Now, does the above scenario mean that you will get half your balance in exchange for your payments? Not necessarily. You need a free quote structured settlement to know for certain. Call today and we can tell you how much you can access of your full annuity amount. It could be much more than this example, it may be less. It depends on many factors all individual to your personal situation. Call us today or fill out our online free quote structured settlement form.

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