Choose Someone to Purchase Structured Settlement Payments Who Will Leave You to Relax

When you are looking for a company to purchase structured settlement payments from you be sure to choose one that will care about your feelings. This means considering important things such as the cost of selling your structured settlement, fees you will be responsible for and paperwork. But also thinking about how the company will treat you, as a person, while you are working through the paperwork and court requirements. Too many structured settlement factoring companies who want to purchase structured settlement payments from you will call you constantly. Talk to the companies you are considering and ensure that they will be respectful of your time and requests.

Imagine this Interrupting Your Life

Imagine this scenario for a minute: It's a Sunday afternoon and you have a little extra time on your hands. You have been thinking about selling some or all of your structured settlement payments. Hey, you could use some extra cash for life: the mortgage payment, late rent, medical bills, veterinary bills, etc. So, on Sunday you take a couple of hours and surf the Internet, filling out those "free quote" forms on a few structured settlement factoring websites. No one calls you back on Sunday, when you have the time.

Monday comes and you are crazy busy. You get yourself and the kids ready. Run out the door to school and work. Suddenly, your phone rings. The structured settlement companies are calling. That's good that they are calling back, but you are too busy to talk now. You say you will call them in the afternoon. Afternoon hits and they call you, again. You can't answer because you are cooking dinner. An hour later the phone rings again. And again. And again the next morning. These companies call non-stop, all wanting your immediate answer, without allowing you time to think.

The Company that Calls You Repeatedly is Disrespectful of Your Time

We all have times when we do not want to answer our telephone. The phone rings "off the hook" as they say with people wanting things from you. People are calling to collect on medical bills, complain you are late on your credit card bills, that you have to pick up your child at school because they are sick, whatever. The last thing you need is a structured settlement company calling over and over and over because they want to purchase structured settlement plans from you.

Of course, you want to choose a company that will call you back when you email or call them; this is definitely a good thing. But you also want a company who respects your time. One who will not call you constantly, day in and day out. One who will respect you when you say that you prefer to call them back, or that you prefer to be called only during certain times of day.

Choose a Company that Cares to Purchase Structured Settlement Payments from You

As you start talking to companies who purchase structured settlement payments, be sure you consider these communication issues. Ask them if they have a policy for returning calls. You want to find a company who will return your calls promptly, yes. But you also want a company that will give you time to think and live your life. A company that understands that this is a big decision which needs to be thought through. When you write or call Direct Settlement for a quote you can be assured that we will always keep you informed and answer your questions. However, we will not pester you or "nag" you for a decision.

At Direct Settlement we are here for you, on your terms.

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