Yes! You CAN Sell Annuity Settlement Agreements

If you're wondering whether you can sell annuity settlement agreements for ready cash, the quick and easy answer is "Yes."

Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

When you don't want your annuity any longer, you have the option to sell. If you are stuck with an annuity you no longer need or want, or require as much cash as you can get for this asset as soon as possible, you can convert it to cash to use any way you like.

Many insurance companies are willing to buy back the annuity, whether you bought it from them or another company, but at a greatly reduced amount.

You must be aware that you will not get 100 percent of the value of your annuity. This is the price you pay for quick access. Let Direct Settlement help you get more for your money.

Why Sell Annuity Settlement Agreements?

Annuities are usually set up to provide income when you retire. But, as the years go by, you might find that you would rather use your money now. Your circumstances may have changed, necessitating large lump sum, instead of having a drip-feed of regular income.

There are many reasons why this could happen:

  • You might have come across an investment that pays out higher returns
  • Maybe you inherited the annuity, but you need a lump sum of cash now. You can't afford to wait until you retire to get the money
  • Financial emergencies or significant changes in your life may require quick cash that selling your annuity can provide
  • Or maybe you simply feel that buying that annuity was a mistake?

If you want cash now, but still want to retain some retirement security, you can sell part of your annuity.

Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

By cashing out part of your policy, you can invest that amount in real estate or some other high return investment, still have some monthly payments upon retirement, plus have the extra income from your other investments.

This option allows you more flexibility than you currently have.

Contact us today to explore all of your financial options. We make it easy for you to sell annuity settlement agreements. You can rely on Direct Settlement for no-jargon advice, free of obligation.

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