Sell Structured Settlement Payments

Many people don't know they can sell structured settlement payments. They feel trapped by a long-term structured settlement investment decision and don't know where to turn when they need sudden cash.

Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

Direct Settlement is here to help when you are faced with these tough choices. Contact us today for a confidential discussion about your structured settlement payments, and what you can do to unlock your cash as soon as possible.

Get Cash For Structured Settlement Payments

The process for cashing in your structured settlement annuity payments is explained in this article.

Paperwork, plain English explanations, and hassle-free negotiations with your insurance company are all part of our service. Let Direct Settlement carry all the stress. We'll deliver the results you want in the shortest possible time frame.

What We Need To Know

You'll need to have some information available before you contact us, so be sure to make a note of:

  • The total original settlement figure
  • The value of your monthly payments
  • When your next payment is due to be paid
  • How many payments remain in your settlement
Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

Not sure of any of these details? Contact us and we'll help you to figure them out. We'll tell you what your monthly payments could be worth as a lump sum to you.

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