How Do I Find a Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer?

Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer

If you have thought seriously about selling your structured settlement, then you need to find the right structured settlement annuity buyer. Your money isn't something to mess around with, yet there are numerous companies out there that will put your money at risk. So how do you find the right structured settlement buyer? Read on for some valuable suggestions.


As with any product or service, you should go with a company that has a good reputation. This means finding a company through a referral. Check with a financial advisor or an insurance agent for the name of a reputable structured settlement annuity buyer. Once you receive a company recommendation, make sure to ask for additional referrals (especially those clients with similar situations to yours) and contact them.

Be Sure that They Know Their Business

One of the important aspects of selling your structured settlement is the Internal Revenue Code that regulates the sale. Since the government was a player in the awarding of your structured settlement, it wants to be sure that you are being dealt with fairly if you attempt to sell the annuity. Therefore, it has established Internal Revenue Code 5891 (IRC 5891), granting states authority over structured settlement sales and providing guidelines for the process.

Since this code dictates the legal process for the transfer of annuity funds, the structured settlement annuity buyer should be very familiar with IRC 5891. If he or she is not, it could mean one of two things:

  1. He or she has not purchased annuities in the states that follow this code. (There are very few jurisdictions that don't follow this code. Find out if your state does.)
  2. Or the company might not be legitimate. (Unethical companies often try to bypass IRC 5891 as it might uncover a scheme that is unfair to the owner of the structured settlement.)

Bad Vibes

Contact the annuity buyer by phone or in person. Your personal instincts will work better through direct contact with the buyer. Email communications do not give your intuitive powers opportunity to work as well. Hearing the tone and inflection of the buyer's voice can allow you to make a better judgment determination regarding the person you are working with.

Don't ignore any bad vibes you get during your discussion. You have other options. If this buyer makes you uncomfortable move on, You don't want to risk losing any money unnecessarily.

Ask Lots of Questions

Before you contact the structured settlement buyer, read up on annuity sales. Articles like this one can make you more familiar with the process and therefore can lead to some good questions for you to ask the buyer. Not only will you be an educated consumer, you will have a good enough background to determine if the buyer you are talking to knows his or her business, as was mentioned above. And also as was mentioned previously, armed with information and good instincts, you might detect good or bad vibes based on a thorough dialogue with the buyer.

Contact Direct Settlement today to learn the ins and outs of selling your annuity. Get the best information from a qualified and reputable structured settlement annuity buyer.

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