Structured Settlement Buyers Don't Speak Your Language

Decoding the jargon used by structured settlement buyers

If you have ever entered into any type of legal contract, you know you need a lawyer to decipher the wording, especially if the contract was written by a lawyer.

Sometimes you feel like these lawyers have a secret society to keep each other in business. Why can't they use plain, simple English?

Structured settlement Buyers use jargon, not plain English. We bust that jargon!

Structured settlement buyers are just as bad.

They use weird- sounding technical terms that leave you thinking they are speaking a foreign language.

Do they want to buy your settlement? If so, why not speak and write in a language you can understand?

At Direct Settlement, we speak with you in plain English. We explain every detail to ensure you are completely confident that you understand every word.

Here is a quick guide to common terms you might encounter.

Jargon Used By Structured Settlement Buyers

  • Annuitant – the one who holds the contract
  • Annuity – the contract between you and the insurance company
  • Annuity with compounding benefits – interest added onto the payment every year
  • Beneficiary – the person that will receive the structured settlement payments after your death
  • Claim – the amount the insurance company is required to pay
  • Claimant – you. The person requesting or receiving the payment
  • Defendant – the organization or person defending the legal action
  • Deferred Annuity -  when payments are put off, or delayed until sometime in the future
Structured settlement Buyers use jargon, not plain English. We bust that jargon!

  • Employment claim – claims against employers for racism, discrimination, wrongful dismissal, etc.
  • Fixed annuity – an annuity with a fixed return rate
  • Guaranteed benefit – this guarantees payments whether the claimant is alive or not
  • Life only annuity – the opposite of a guaranteed benefit. Payments stop when the claimant dies
  • Lump sum – one payment, no monthly or annual payments
  • Non-qualified annuity – an annuity that is subject to taxes
  • Qualified annuity – not taxable
  • Personal injury claim – if you have been injured either mentally or physically
  • Plaintiff – a person or organization taking legal action against another person or organization

For more terms or more information, contact Direct Settlement. We are here to help you make sense of the structured settlement jargon.

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