A Structured Settlement Lump Sum Payout Can Change Your Life

An initial structured settlement lump sum payment is part of the deal in many cases when someone is awarded a structured settlement agreement. This initial payment is designed to hold you over until monthly payments become effective.

Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

As the years go by, your life changes. Your monthly expenses change. Your wants and needs change. These small monthly, semi-annual or annual payments are no longer enough to get you through until the next payment.

Maybe you have come across a lucrative investment deal? Maybe you have finally decided to open up that business you have always been dreaming about? Maybe you want to put down roots and buy your first home, or use the money to invest in real estate?

All of these options have the potential of much higher returns than what your settlement currently offers.

Do The Groundwork First

Before you decide to sell make sure:

Your state allows you to sell your agreement. Some insurance policies contain anti-assignment clauses. Usually this is just to scare you off. There is no legal bind in this clause.

The sale of proceeds are tax free. Structured settlement payments are normally tax free. You do not want to lose your tax free status.

Find A Reputable Company That Will...

Handle all of the paperwork and get the required court approvals at no cost to you.

Payout your structured settlement cash by wire transfer directly into your bank account, giving you instant access to your cash when the transaction is complete.

Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

You can have your structured settlement lump sum payout in as little as five weeks. Direct Settlement is a specialist in this area.

Who Can Help Me Decide?

Contact Direct Settlement today for straightforward answers to all of your questions and a free, no obligation consultation.

The process of obtaining a lump sum when you sell a structured settlement is fairly complicated, and it's wise to talk to an experienced professional before you begin.

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