Sell Your Structured Settlement Payment for a Lump Sum of Cash Now

When is selling your structured settlement payment for a lump sum of cash a sensible option? And what steps must you take to conclude arrangements if you decide to undertake this process?

Annuities: Long-Term Gain, Short-Term Pain

Annuities, or regular payments in lieu of a full cash settlement, are a smart option for organized people, and in good times, the regular extra cash is a perfect way to meet monthly expenses, buy new investments, or build up savings.

Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

However, life is what happens when you start making plans. It is not unusual for people receiving structured settlements to become financially strapped, incapacitated by illness, or find an investment opportunity too good to pass up.

Under these circumstances, the regular payments, so useful in normal circumstances, are no longer helpful, and you may consider the cost of cashing in worthwhile. If so, Direct Settlement can help.

What Can You Use The Money For?

You can use your lump sum payout to build an investment portfolio that provides a better return, or to get out of debt once and for all.

You can buy real estate that will bring you monthly rent payments higher than your monthly structured settlement payment.

You can renovate your home, or build that addition you have been wanting for so long. or you can pay off your home and finally live mortgage-free.

What Options Are There?

You can sell your structured settlement for the full amount, a partial payout to cover your immediate needs, or a shared payment.

With a full payout, you receive a lump sum payment for your entire annuity. You will no longer receive any payments in the future. People choose this option when all else fails and they need as much cash as they can get, as soon as possible.

A partial payment is a good option when you only need a small amount of cash to consolidate debts or repay high interest loans. You only sell part of your settlement, so you still get monthly payments for the remainder.

Sell structured settlements to free your cash for bigger and better investments.

A shared payment is similar to a partial payment. It is handy for immediate, large expenses such as tuition fees or a new car.

Legal Considerations For Selling Structured Settlements

If you intend to cash out your structured settlements, you should first obtain the necessary court approvals. You should make sure the transaction complies with all state and federal rules and restrictions.

Before you decide on which buyer to use, research several different companies to find the best possible deal. You also need to check the credentials of a prospective buyer. Find out what others say about the company.

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